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From Alterfina to Dealcockpit

Learn How and Why our company - and the industry - is evolving

We recently changed the name of our company from Alterfina to DealCockpit.

It was a big decision. Altering the brand name of a decade-old enterprise is something you don’t do lightly. But we believe that deal-making is changing dramatically, and we want our enterprise—and its brand name—to more accurately reflect the dynamic transformation occurring in the industry.

Why DealCockpit ?

The cockpit is the space reserved for the pilot, co-pilot and mechanic. It contains all the controls and instruments needed to fly the aircraft.

Because you are the transactions driver, at the controls, you need to be able to manage all your operations collaboratively with one or X co-administrators, contributors in one safe space to make your deal happen.

Because it is necessary to centralize information, make it fluid and secure.

You take control of your deals, all in one place : your DealCockpit!

The industry is changing, transactions are moving fast but are still very challenging.
Dealcockpit technology can help your business to bring a palatial service to everyday operations.

And it makes a huge difference. For sure.