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What does DealCockpitTM do?

DealCockpitTM is the only platform that secures, streamlines, and accelerates the deal process. It accompanies professionals from M&A, Private Equity, Corporate Finance, Fundraising, etc. at every step of the process.
Everything, from preparation to final signature, is in your Dealcockpit – a secure and confidential platform.

How is DealCockpitTM more than a Data Room?

All of DealCockpitTM's features are exclusively developed to fluidify every step of a deal, from preparation to final signature. The Data Room is one of these features, streamlining due diligence by simplifying document management.

Is it possible to find deal opportunities through DealCockpitTM?

Yes! DealCockpit offers a free deal sourcing tool to help you find deal opportunities. Thanks to AI technology, you can enter precise search criteria. Sign up now, and find Deal Sourcing on your dashboard. It’s free of charge and obligation!

Is DealCockpitTM easy to use?

More than you can imagine ! 
We have developed a very intuitive tool for our clients. Our customer support an our onboarding videos are there to guide you through the process of creating your dossier.
Mere minutes suffice to be able to use DealCockpitTM. Our clients talk about it in our Interview Blog 

In what languages is DealCockpitTM available?

DealCockpitTM is available in English, French and Spanish. We are also working on a German version.

Is there a limit to the amount of users I can add?

There is no limit to the number of users in your Data Room.

  • Features & Use

How long does it take to open a dossier in DealCockpitTM?

Setting up and getting started takes mere minutes. You can open your Dealcockpit autonomously, at your own pace, whenever you want. 
Read our clients' testimonies in our Interview Blog!
Furthermore, thanks to our onboarding videos, you are never alone!

How do I change the index of my Data Room?

You can change the index of a Data Room very simply with Drag & Drop, by clicking on a section, and dragging it to the desired position. Watch a demo!

Can I upload documents with the Drag & Drop function?

Yes! We recently added the Drag & Drop feature to DealCockpitTM. Watch our demo videos to learn more!

Can I build a Data Room from a Zip file?

Yes! You can even upload a Zip file via Drag & Drop, by selecting your folder, and dragging it into the upload window. Watch a demo 

Is there an option to get an electronic archive?

Yes! For an electronic safe, contact our customer support team. It is also possible to archive your Data Room yourself, by downloading it manually.

How to pick features in DealCockpitTM ?

All features are included in your plan, so that you have all the tools you need. To learn more about how to use them, watch our demo videos.

  • Deals & Data Room

Where can I find my active deals?
In the navigation bar, click on “My deals”. On the left are the deals of which you are the administrator, on the right those of which you are a participant.
How do I change the language of my Data Room?

You can change the language of your Data Room either by clicking directly on the flag on the right of your navigation bar, or by clicking on “Profile” à “Settings” à “Language” under the icon with your user-name.

Can I customise my Dealcockpit?

Of course! Add your logo and custom information to make your Dealcockpit that of your company!

Can I add a logo to my Data Room?

Yes! To add your company logo to your Data Room, click on “My Deals”, then on the “Edit” icon next to the name of your deal, and upload your logo in .png, .jpeg, or .gif format.

How should I structure my documents in DealCockpitTM?

We took care of everything! We have created a checklist especially for our clients.
Download Checklist 

How many deals can I manage from one account?

Depending on your plan, you can manage as many deals as you want. To learn more about the different options, consult our Pricing page 

How do I delete a deal?

Log in, and click on the red X next to the name of your deal. It is as simple to close a deal, as it is to open one.

I'm still hesitating. Can I book a demo?
  • Billing & Prices

How do I choose the most suitable plan for my deal?

Stop counting your pages! At DealCockpit we adapt our prices depending on the size of the deal with unlimited features.

Am I billed according to the number of users in my Data Room?

No! You can add as many users as you wish, without ever paying more than the price of your plan.

Am I billed according to data volume?

No! You are not billed according to the size of your dossier, but depending on your plan. All our plans include unlimited data storage.

What payment methods are available?

You have the choice to pay by card, or via bank transfer.

How will I be billed?
You have the choice between two billing options:
1. Monthly billing: No commitment. You are free to leave whenever you want. Your last invoice will be sent to you the following month on the same date.
2. Trimestral or annual billing: If you prefer more time for your operations, and wish to benefit from discounts for your commitment.
Where do I find my billing history?

In the navigation bar, click on your user-name, then select “My invoices”.

Can I get a formalised quote?

Of course, just send us the details to this address:, and we will get back to you very soon.

  • Login & Account

Why have I not received my invitation?

If you have not received the email with the link, we invite you to check your spam-folder. If you have anti-spam software, the domain name must be added to your list of authorised senders. As well as your invitation, this way you will also be able to receive important notifications about your deal. Ultimately, do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team to help you.

I have not received a password in my invitation. Is this normal?

It is up to you to choose your password. The latter remains unchanged, even if you interact on different dossiers.

I forgot my password. What now?
How can I change my password?

On your dashboard, click on the icon with your user-name, then select “Profile”. In the top bar, you will find the option “Change Password”.

How do I activate 2-Factor Authentication?

On your dashboard, click on the icon with your user-name, then select “Profile”. In the top bar select the option “2-Factor Authentication”. We strongly recommend this option.

  • Permissions

I cannot print documents. Why?
You might not have the necessary permissions to execute this action. To change your permissions, please get in touch with the administrator of your Data Room.
I cannot upload documents. Why?
You might not have the necessary permissions to execute this action. To change your permissions, please get in touch with the administrator of your Data Room.
I cannot download documents. Why?
You might not have the necessary permissions to execute this action. To change your permissions, please get in touch with the administrator of your Data Room.
I only have access to one section of the Data Room. Is this normal?
You might not have the necessary permissions to access the entire Data Room. To change your permissions, please get in touch with the administrator of your Data Room.
  • Security

Where is the data stored?
All our data is stored in Europe.
How can I guarantee my clients confidentiality of sensitive information?
Your clients' confidentiality is our first priority! DealCockpitTM allows you, thanks to permissions customisable by group and invitee, to configure the level of confidentiality of each user. Furthermore, and above all else, we strongly advise you to upload your NDA to your Dealcockpit, so that, once a third party has signed it, and uploaded it to received documents, you can extend their permissions and access rights. 
Do all invited users have access to the entire Data Room?
It is up to you to determine each user's access level. Their permissions are configured by groups to which you can add them. By creating groups, you can precisely configure the actions this group is authorised to execute and the sections of your Data Room to which it will have access. To learn more about this watch a demo !
What is the security advantage of using DealCockpitTM as apposed to a regular file sharing system?
While systems like Dropbox™ and WeTransfer are a low-cost solution for simple file sharing and collaboration, they lack the adequate cyber-security measures necessary to protect highly confidential information from being compromised.
A sophisticated tool like DealCockpitTM, dedicated to corporate transactions and cross-enterprise collaboration, allows you to account for the whereabouts of your firm’s sensitive data throughout the deal process, thanks to monitoring and activity tracking features.
How can DealCockpitTM protect sensitive data from being compromised?
Besides many other security features, DealCockpitTM offers an activity tracking functionality, namely our Audit trail. This allows you to keep track of every user’s activity in your Data Room, by registering every action executed, indicating file name, date and time, and IP address. This also constitutes a tangible proof to be produced in court, in the event of activation of the asset-liability guarantee by a third party.

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