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More Buyers.

Stronger Offers.

Better Terms.

DealCockpit harnesses the power of AI to streamline, secure, and speed up deal sourcing for mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, and other transactions.
Optimize your chances of finding a buyer and get better financial and contractual terms.

The Process: Simple, Fast, Efficient

Set up an account, Enter data. It's easy.

  • Complete the simple sign-up process
  • Describe your business for potential buyers
  • DealCockpit alerts prospective buyers, while you invite your own candidates

Consider all the

  • Review interested parties
  • Choose which ones will study your Data Room 
  • Anwer potential buyers' questions
  • Receive offers

Move to Due Diligence on the
same simple-to-use platform

No need to start over or purchase another
product. Our VDR tool allows you to swiftly and
securely proceed to the diligence process.

Negotiate and choose a buyer

  • Study offers made by prospective candidates
  • Conduct due diligence
  • Negotiate and choose the best offer available
  • Close your deal

Close your transaction and
get ready to find your next deal

Sign your deal documents and prepare for your
next transaction. You can open as many Data
Rooms as you like.

Why choose digital Deal Sourcing?

  • SELLING IS HARD - Before you sell your company, you have a fundamental task: finding the right buyer. It’s easier said than done.
  • MORE POTENTIAL BUYERS - Digital outreach allows you to tap a far broader market, increasing the chances of finding a better fit for the company, generating greater competition among buyers, and achieving a higher sale price.
  • SECURITY - A state-of-the-art virtual data room with the highest levels of security helps avoid breaches and protects precious intellectual property and trade secrets.
  • CONTROL - Digital deal sourcing gives dealmakers far greater control over the entire process.
  • SCALABILITY - Dealmakers, can use a digital platform to handle a higher volume and greater variety of transactions.

How can DealCockpit help?

DealCockpitTM is built specifically to help you streamline the search for a buyer, lower your costs and secure your data.

Harnessing the power of our AI-driven digital platform, we help you automate the outreach process, track and audit communications, manage tasks, filter potential buyers, and easily upload and secure your data.

This allows you to spend your time on what matters most — negotiating the best deal possible.