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DEALCOCKPIT has added a new FAQ page

A solution is only as good as its users are happy. In a time of digital growth and globalisation, options are abundant, and companies focus on acquiring clients through competitive prices, promotions, and powerful sales and marketing strategies. Necessary as it is to exploit fruitful channels to demonstrate the advantages of one’s solution, nothing replaces the necessity of personal customer service, helpful information, and educational tools, to provide confidence and transparency to existing and potential clients. It is their experience with a product, from initial consideration and familiarisation to everyday use, that will ultimately determine their satisfaction with the latter, and the support and guidance that we, as companies, provide along the way play a crucial role in said experience.

In light of this sentiment, and to be able to consistently improve our clients’ user experience, we strive to continuously adapt our solution to their needs. While we always want to stay at their disposal and offer personal support, we find it is important to help customers seamlessly and autonomously navigate through their deal process – from start to finish. This begins at their first visit to our website. While considering our solution, we want to provide them with everything they need to make an informed decision, and do so no sooner than when all their questions and concerns have been answered.

Not only potential clients need questions answered, however. After the initial signup process, or even much later, questions can frequently arise, whether about certain functionalities, payment and billing, general inquiries, or account settings. We understand this, and we want our clients to have an enjoyable experience with DealCockpitTM, every step of the way, save them precious time wherever we can, and help them be as efficient and productive as they can be, during often long and arduous processes of fundraising, corporate restructuring, M&A, IPOs, and all other kinds of deals.

What better way then, than to provide answers to the most asked questions of our already existing clients during their journey with DealCockpitTM?

We understand that while our clients progress, their needs fluctuate and evolve. Consequently, it is important to us to continuously educate and provide them with relevant information to respond to said needs. Providing an FAQ section has proven to be extraordinarily efficient in helping users find information they need, and improve their experience. According to numerous market studies, more than 60% of consumers say that their go-to channel for simple inquiries is a digital self-serve tool. Furthermore, contrary to contacting a customer support representative, a client has the option to find answers within minutes, at any given time of the day or night.

Of course, a pre-defined section of questions and answers cannot always replace the intelligence of personal customer service, and may not be able to answer every question imaginable. Therefore, it is important to us to continually provide our potential and existing clients with ways to get in touch with us directly.

We have created the FAQ section to be intuitive to manoeuvre by categorising questions and answers by criteria. If ever a visitor is not able to find the question or answer they were looking for, the new FAQ page includes a contact form which allows posing the question directly to us and give us feedback, numerous links to easily get in touch with us by email, and the option to book a meeting with us, in case of more extensive and time-consuming questions, or the need of more personalised advice.
In addition, we have provided helpful links towards our demo videos, to help illustrate specific features more comprehensively, towards our blog, for informative content and clients’ testimonies, and the option to download our checklist, to help with the structuring of a Data Room during the initial setup.

We sincerely hope that our readers and users will find this new tool beneficial, and will continue to provide us with constructive feedback, to help us further improve every aspect of their journey with DealCockpitTM.