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New Year – New Look

At DealCockpit we believe in continuous improvement. We are embarking on the New Year stronger than ever and have decided to reflect this visually by putting on a new look. 

And this is not all that is changing at DealCockpit. Our company, much like a living organism adapting to its surroundings, is in perpetual development, constantly adjusting to an ever-evolving environment, responding to new challenges, meeting rising expectations and crafting unique solutions to familiar problems. 

We have been dedicating our time and efforts over the past months to working closely with our Development Team to fix bugs, iron out creases, introduce new features, and optimise existing ones. 
Through rigorous testing, learning, reporting, and re-testing, we are thrilled to announce that DealCockpit is now even faster, even safer, even simpler, and even smarter than ever before. 
Our commitment to excellence is not confined to the realms of product optimisation, however. 
Our Marketing and Communications Department has been equally hard at work, scrambling ideas and creating new ways to provide you with helpful content and offer you the best onboarding experience possible. 
That said, the essential elements that make DealCockpit what it is remain untouched. Neither will the exceptional service you are used to be compromised, nor will we raise our prices. While global costs of Data Rooms have been augmenting over time, our price policy has stayed consistent for seven years. In 2024, we are committed to remaining affordable and providing a solution accessible to businesses of all sizes, allowing you to open a Data Room from as little as 149 €. 

To help you better understand what 2024 has in store for you, here is a little breakdown of: 



To stay on top of things, we regularly test our platform and gather feedback from our clients. This proactive approach allows us to identify bugs early on and rectify them right away, as well as improve functionalities to further optimise your transaction process. Our enhanced features in 2024 include: 

Improved Search function: Our revamped search function will ensure a smoother experience, especially when dealing with PDF documents. 

Optimised Q&A module: Notifications have been refined to enhance the efficiency of our Q&A module. 

Rights adjustments: Co-admin functionalities are being fine-tuned. 

Data Room archiving: Your entire Data Room can now be archived autonomously, including your audit trail.  

Activity Tracking: Keep tabs on every action with our activity tracking feature, even on revoked users.  

User management: More control and flexibility with our enhanced user management capabilities. 


Onboarding Kit: From this year onward, new users can benefit from our extensive onboarding kit complete with a due diligence checklist and an onboarding video covering all areas of our platform, so you can get set up in DealCockpit within minutes and completely autonomously.  

Interviews: Thanks to our loyal network of experts in Business and Entrepreneurship, M&A, Fundraising, Restructuring, IPOs, and others, we are delighted to see and hear the positive feedback to our interview blog, and are eagerly looking forward to the insights we will be able to continue sharing with you throughout the year. 


Innovation often flourishes in collaboration, which led us to actively seek input and ideas from our users. This collaborative spirit has resulted in several innovative features and improvements, making DealCockpit a platform shaped by the collective intelligence of our network. 
We have a head full of ideas and ambitions to further refine and ameliorate DealCockpit, some of which include: 

AI-powered Deal Sourcing: One of the most challenging parts of a transaction is finding the right buyer or seller. This is where companies lose valuable time and resources, often compromising the efficiency of a deal. At DealCockpit we understand that to achieve the most profitable outcome for both parties it is necessary to weigh out all options without the constraint of immediate time pressure. This is why we are further optimising our AI-powered Deal Sourcing tool, capable of saving precious time during fast-paced processes.  

Newsletter: To regularly keep our network up to date on new developments, company and product updates, and industry insights, we are working on a bimestrial newsletter to which you will soon be able to sign up. 

Webinars: We believe that to educate means to provide information on a common subject from the largest possible number of sources. Every subject has different nuances, different actors confronted with it in different ways, and one way to ensure the most in-depth comprehension possible: collaboration. We therefore plan to organise some webinars in the year to come, in collaboration with experts in various fields, to share insights and exchange perspectives. 

Expansion: In our ongoing pursuit of growth and innovation, we are actively exploring and discovering new markets to further diversify and strengthen our business presence. The strategic planning underway reflects our commitment to expanding beyond current horizons, seeking opportunities that align with our organizational goals and values. We are excited about the potential for creating lasting impacts, forging new partnerships, and contributing positively to the economic landscape. Our dedication to growth is not only a testament to our confidence in the strength of our products and services but also a reflection of our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers on a global scale. 

Whether you are a seasoned user or just joining us – welcome to a DealCockpit that is not just a platform but a dynamic ecosystem tailored to meet the evolving demands of modern business. Here's to a year of progress, collaboration, and unparalleled success with DealCockpit!